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Berebichez is noted for her highly inventive techniques.


In her paintings and sculptures, Sharon captures the profound changes that happens  in our perspectives and emotions as time passes by; trying to create awareness to the problems we face currently in the world and as a society.


Using a variety of techniques such as oils, acrylics, fabric, embroidery, paper, resin  in combination with her manual crafts are used to create dreamy images.


Sharon Berebichez was born in México City, where she was influenced with Frida Khalo´s surreal work, Pedro Linares magic alebrijes, the painting and beadwork of the Huicholes and all the magnificent colors and shapes in Mexican embroidery.

A Berebichez se le conoce por sus ingeniosas técnicas.


En sus pinturas y esculturas, Sharon captura los profundos cambios que ocurren en nuestra perspectiva y emociones conforme el paso del tiempo; y trata de crear conciencia en los problemas que enfrentamos hoy en día en el mundo y en nuestra sociedad.


Usando una variedad de técnicas como óleo, acrílico, tela, bordado, papel y resina junto con sus habilidades manuales, crea imágenes de ensueño.


Nació en la ciudad de México, donde fué influenciada por el trabajo surrealista de Frida Kahlo, los alebrijes mágicos de Pedro Linares, la pintura y chaquira de los Huicholes y los maravillosos colores y formas del bordado mexicano.




2000        Graphic Designer degree at University Iberoamericana, México City


2022         ILAP International Lab for Art Practices. Uncool Artists


Fine Art Workshops and Residencies


2022               A Play in the Garden of Stitch with Paula Kovarik, Coconut Grove, Florida


2022               Fiber Art and Clay Workshops in Teotitlan del Valle and Jaliesa, Oaxaca México


2021               Dying fibers with Natural pigments, Weaving Loom Tapestry  residency in Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca, México


2010-2013    Painting workshop with renowned Professor Carlos Garcia de la Nuéz


2005               Abstract painting workshop, University Iberoamericana, México City Professor: Begoña Zorrilla Fullahondo


2005               Oil on texture Course, University Iberoamericana, México City

                        Coordinator: Blanca Peña Fentanes


2004-2006    Drawing workshop with renowned Professor Gilberto Aceves Navarro


2003-2006    Ceramics experimental workshop with Professor Alberto Díaz de Cossío


2001              Course “The Language of painting” at UC Berkeley, California 

                       Professor John McNamara


1996-1999    Oil painting classes with professor Pablo Szemulewitz. Also working as a Teacher Assistant for his painting workshop for children.


1994              Photography workshop at Contemporary Art Cultural Center in México City

                       Renown Professor Saul Serrano


Individual Exhibition


2019              Creatures of Light, Solo exhibit,  Frost Science Museum, Miami


2019              “The Chairs”, Michael-Ann Russel JCC, Miami


2017               Turnberry Hotel, Miami


Group Exhibitions


2023              3 Angles, Artis Fine Arts, Hollywood, Florida


2023              Life at Street Level, Harvest Project, Pinecrest Gardens


2022              “El Hilo Conductor II” as “In search of Dreams, The Migrant Experience” part of

                           Threading the City. FAMA, Cultural Institute of Mexico in Miami


2022              A Room of our own, CAMP gallery


2022              “El Hilo Conductor II” as part of the HISPAFEST in Miami, DORCAM, Doral 

                       Contemporary Art Museum. Colombian Consulate in Miami and Instituto Cultural de México in Miami.


2022               “Elemental” The Frank C. Ortis Gallery In Pembroke Pines


2021              Women pulling at the threads of social discourse, Camp Gallery Miami

2021              “El Hilo Conductor” Collective exhibit at BOX Gallery in West Palm Beach


2021              “El Hilo Conductor” Collective exhibit at Mexican Consulate in Miami


2020              “Inspired by Masters” Collective exhibit Sagamore Hotel, Miami Beach


2018              Nest of Wonders, Collective exhibit, Upper Buena Vista, Miami


2018              Bello Spazio, Collective exhibit, Curator’s Art Voice Projects, Miami Beach


2018              Art Boca Raton Fair, Florida


2018              Workshop 360, Collective Exhibit, Miami


2018              Design on a Dime, Design District, Miami


2018              Trends and More exhibit, Curator’s Art Voice Projects, Wynwood, Miami


2018              Coconut Grove Arts Festival, Miami

                       Winning the first prize in 3D mixed media


2017              XI Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy


2017              Femme Fatale, Sagamore Hotel, Miami Beach


2016              Art Concept Fair. Balthaz Art Gallery, Miami 


2015              Art Wynwood Fair. Galleria Farina, Miami 


2013              Painting Exhibit at Harbor Island Hollywood, Florida


2011              Painting Exhibit “South-North” Torre del Reloj Gallery, México City


2001              Collective exhibit at UC Berkeley, California


1999              “Atelier”, Collective exhibit in the museum Ex-convento 

                       del Desierto de los Leones, México City.

Professional Work Experience

2019-2022    Visual arts Teacher at my studio with over 40 students


2003-2006    Founder and Teacher of “Paraíso Tierra” in Mexico City, a painting school             

                       for children with a broad curriculum on artistic technique and art history. 


2002              Art Director ZETA MEXICO. 

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