This series I worked for 3Garantias Art Studio, where I explored the meanings we attach to everyday objects.  

Trying to combat preconceived notions about things we use every day and give for granted.

To create CHAIRS I play with perspectives and dimensions. Reclaim old chairs, take them apart and combine them to become new, complete sculptures. I hand paint the embroidery, vintage fabrics and wood to create flat, almost two-dimensional pieces, 

so that it is difficult to tell where the piece ends and the new story begins.


Acrylic, fabric and yarn on wood. The colorful threads represent the different subjects we talk about, the conversations. When comparing yourself with others, there’s always going to be a better version of you in every aspect. The trick is to live the noise out and focus on the thread that takes you inside… yourself, your mind, beyond your thoughts or judgments. Living in the present.